Aaron gives the Sea World Gap some shuv love. Photo: Gabor Vasko

Age: 19
Home: Orlando,FL
Years riding: Almost 3
Sponsors: Shaun Murray, Motive boardwear
Boat, PWC, Cable or Winch? I enjoy all but I’m only consistent behind a cable so far
Kicker or Rails? dig them both
Video or Photo? Video
Kneeboard or Wake ski? Kneeboard
Owc or McCormicks? OWC
Beginner side or Advanced? Advanced
Sunset Sesh or Sunrise Sesh? I would have to kick t in the morning
Metal or rap? Rap
Home or away? Tired of same location-AWAY
Corn Hole or Bochi Balls? Bochi balls
PC or Mac? Mac
Frontbig or backbig? Backbig

Gettin’ tricky at OWC. Sequence: Garrett Cortese

If you have ever been to OWC, you’ve probably seen Aaron Perkins running the cable. And if he’s not behind the controls, he is busy running the place on the water. His consistentcy on the cable is insane — he has no problem big spinning out of everything imaginable. But the one thing that sets Aaron apart from a lot of riders his is genuine attitude and overall eagerness to ride. He is always smiling and jumping around, stoked to be on the water.

I have had the pleasure to watch Aaron progress in the past couple years and really start to make a name for himself now. This On Deck is long past due and you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him soon. Next time you stop by OWC make sure you say “hi” to the blond kid smiling while he is working. Congrats to you Aaron for shredding and being a cool guy!