By Gavin Joicus

Ah … Japan! The land of poor English, sushi and massive water leisure resorts, a.k.a. onsens. Onsens are the places Japanese go to unwind and refresh after a long salary-man work week of hell. Imagine the coolest Water Park you’ve ever been to, but with natural hot springs, karaoke, and every possible way imaginable to enjoy yourself. Onsens are badass, and the Oiso pool of Kanagawa-Ken is #1 badass Onsen…let me tell you that Samurai-san!!

Oiso has a flow rider, wave pool, water slide, 11 pools, hot springs, and best of all, a “wakeskate track”. WAKESKATE TRACK! The track is wide enough for a jet-ski with a barrier in the middle to mute waves. There are a series of sliders that can easily be moved to fit your needs, and/or wants. Heck! The Oiso pool staff will close off the wakeskate track to host winch competitions, as they did for my pal Yoda’s Jib Session. With smooth pool concrete on the side, you can jump on your bicycle to bring back the winch rope in a civil and proper manner, ya’ hurd?!

The Japanese know how to do things proper. They know how to design stuff for full relaxtion and enjoyment. Unfortunately, they can be uber anal when it comes to their lame rules. As much as I want to session the Oiso pool, I know that there are two reasons, as expressed on their website, why I won’t be enjoying the Oiso Pool anytime soon, and they are:

(1) “With this pool, we refuse mob tattoo and the admission of the customer who is done tattoo. (2) We refuse the admission of the one whose extreme intoxication state physical condition is bad.”

Ha ha … alright! So, chances are, you’ll never make it to Japan, but if, by some chance, you find yourself next to the blue ocean of Kanagawa-ken with a wakeskate, check out the Oiso pool. You might be refused entry if you sport tats or like to party. But if you do get in, you will certainly enjoy the benefits of a soothing time.

Oiso pool
Oiso-cho, Naka-gun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
13,000.00 JPY = 108.850 USD per night on weekends

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