Photo: Brooke Geery

Location: Lake Sheen, FL

Date: September 17, 2008

Trick: Start-up 3 Shuv

Quite honestly, the days after Sept. ’08 Surf Expo were the most “productive” few days I have ever had shooting wakeskating. I had headed towards Disneyworld a few times a few times, not to be amused, but to meet up with Steve, Gabe Paulson and Steph Wamsley to shoot. After shooting from the tube and the dock behind one boat, the light started to fade, and we’d switched to a different boat. Marty’s boat has the “best start-up wake” and is basically like a big Sea Doo. I climbed up on top of the boat house and shot a bunch of different tricks of Steve off the start up roller. Of all of them, I liked this three shuv best.