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2010 was the first year we featured “Snaps” on the website and its been a great year. We have gotten some amazing photos from all sorts of photographers far and wide. We went back through 2010 and searched the countless photos to find a few of our favorites. The progression of wakeskating is so evident in these photos compared to the past. In the past we saw more flat water, jetski tricks and shots behind the boat and now you never know where the next shot is going to come from. The amount of winching and lock in trick photos this year have documented the pure and raw progression of the sport.

As the waters start warming across the land in spring of 2011 we hope we will receive even more amazing photos to feature here in Snaps. A big thanks to all the photographers and riders who have submitted photos this year, without your contribution this section wouldn’t exist.

Please submit photos for consideration for SNAPS to Patrick@alliancewake.com