It is now official. Grant Roberts is the newest member of the LF/ Obscura wakeskates team. Grant joins Danny Hampson, Kyle Hyams, Stefan Schriewer, and Aaron Reed to make up the crew at Obscura, Liquid Force's newest wakeskating endeavor. Grant will be joining the rest of the team on road trips, and filming expeditions for the upcoming release of the Obscura team video. He has also walked straight into a serious blogging commitment as well. We are sure he is up for the challenge. Fellow Obscura team mate Aaron Reed had this to say. "We are really psyched to have Grant on the team. He is really fun to hang out with, and really fits in at Obscura. Not to mention he is ridiculous on the water. I'm really happy Grant got on just in time to film for our new video. I am really looking forward to seeing what he's going to do next."

Check the Obscura blog for daily fun (like you don't already!)