Name: Grant Roberts
Home: Pleasanton, CA
Years riding: 3ish?
Sponsors: Sattelyte Wakeskates, Wakeroots/NorCal MasterCraft, Nike 6.0, Neptunes Audio, and Service Masters.
Boat, PWC or Winch? Boat
Wake or sliders? Wake
Film or photos? both are fun
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
nclines or boxes? Inclines
Pool gaps or natural winching? All natural
Metal or rap? Rap
Home or away? Home
How many Liquid Force impulses did you break last season? Lost count at around 10.
How many hours are on your Seadoo? Ol skipper should be clocking around 450.
Coldest water and air you’ve rode in? 38
Trick that u are working on right now? Switch wake to wake FS 540
How many delta enemas have you had? Two. They’re terrible.

Grant Roberts is a name to remember. He’s from NorCal and will change
the way you think about wakeskating in California. Grant is stoked on
everything about wakeskating. Weather its hitting rails, flip tricks,
or doing stuff behind the boat. His parents even named him after the
stretch of delta he rides all the time–Grant Line Slough. Last year
Grant put almost 60k miles on his truck in order to ride every day.
He’s clocked in about 450 hours on his ski in only three seasons. All
of that driving has paid off though. Grant is now competing at the pro
level and has picked up some sponsors too. His super tech lines and
ridiculous sized bag of tricks are beginning to turn heads in the

Grant is stoked to ride all year here in NorCal, which takes a great
deal of dedication since we have a pretty cold winter here. I can
remember taking his ski out for a set, and seeing the water in the
foot-wells of his ski frozen solid. The fishermen were wearing their
double down goose jackets and shaking their heads at us as we rode
past their boats.

Grant’s progression doesn’t have a brake. There is no slowing him down
at this point. At only 17 years of age it makes you wonder where his
talent will take him in the coming years. During this season you can
bet that you’ll be seeing him competing with the big names in the
industry–holding his own, and then some.