Alongside International Drive and the luxury condo resorts in fair Orlando, and adjacent to Dr. Phillips Blvd., is a little creek. Within sight of the library and a shopping sprawl aimed at taking more money from local residents and tourists, is a small drop perfectly created for riders to throw tricks down, followed by a quick run to the Subway right across the street. At first glance it looks like a small like runoff that would mean nothing to a normal, sane human being, but throw in a winch and a few not-so-mentally-stable riders and you get an afternoon’s worth of riding all for the price of a few gallons of gas.

If you don’t mind the smell (it’s not as bad as its used to be), this spot is perfectly set up for riding. It has a nice starting run consisting of a small island for one to sit on or a deep-water section for those who prefer to start regular. After a quick run-in is a five foot drop to the lower pond with a nice run out straight to the winch. Depending on the water level from recent rains, look out for the big rock sitting midway through the second pool — but it’s more of a hazard when swimming for your board after a bail. Just ask Aaron Gore, Kyle Walton and their ankles.

In my few escapades out to this location I have seen several killer tricks laid down and some spectacular crashes, along with the few run ins with the local authorities. The most recent involved a female deputy who was just curious as to why several locals were calling about kids playing in the creek. Once she arrived she seemed eager to learn what we were doing and not in a rush to punish or disrupt us. Unfortunately this is not how it always goes down with the authorities; sometimes it goes the exact opposite, but thankfully no tickets yet.

But hey, if the cops do show up and kick you out, Metro West is only a short drive away along with several new spots being found in the surrounding Conroy and Kirkman area. And Lee Vista and Anderson’s Gap are just a quick drive down the 408. So remember the next time you are out driving in the O-town area and see some kids playing in a creek, stop and see if you can get a pull as well.