Ben Horan has always been a favorite of ours here at Alliance, and with good reasons:  1. the mustache  2. the sequence below  3. He started the winch gap in your front yard revolution. Catch up with him in our new feature “Complete the sentence…”

-All photos Garrett Cortese



Life without a mustache would be…faster: There’s a bit of drag.


Over the past two years wakeskating has…really been sick to watch grow. It’s so rad now everyone is killing it and it’s on the rise!


Skateboarding is my…life! Well, I do it a lot more than I wakeskate, but I feel the same when doing both just more wet!


My concrete work has really begun to…take shape. It’s so fun and it lasts forever!


The wakeskate tour was a huge success in it’s first year thanks to… Silas Thurman and Ryan Dahlem for busting their asses more than anyone out there!


Winching can be so…sick when you’re at a sweet spot with your homies!


The 3 wakeskaters who inspire me the most would have to be...Yan Lecomte, Andrew Pastura and Kyle Walton, but really there’s so many people shredding out there!


Showers are for…me after a long day! Haha but on the Remote tours there usually isn’t a shower in sight!



Tie dye will never die because…it’s a way of life man. (In a really far-out voice)


The last time I cried was…when my girlfriend pulled out one of my stach hairs yesterday.


My favorite place on the internet is…google maps!


You should buy a Remote wakeskate because…they’re pretty badass. We are rider owned and I got a new shape coming out you will love!


Lately I’ve been jamming a lot of…Van Morrison, the Allman brothers, Led Zeppelin, and Booker T.


The reason living in Nahunta, GA kicks ass is…because I can do and build whatever I want! There’s just open space and freedom here. It’s peaceful.



Aquarium is… A hardgoods brand for our life style. We’re starting out with fins and grip tape. Our plan is to make everything you need to go along with your Remote Wakeskate.


The ladies love my…kickflips.


Life is like a…dream you never know when your going to wakeup.