Name: Aaron Rathy
Age: 18
Home: Nanaimo, BC, CAN
Years riding: 2.5 years
Sponsors: Hyperlite, Oakley, Air Nautique Boats, DV8 Boardshop, The OGC, Xcel Wetsuits
Boat, PWC or Winch? Boat or winch
Wake or rails? Rails
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Either
Vest or no vest? No vest
TV shows or Movies? Movies
Metal or rap? Metal
Home or away? Home

Most people thought of Aaron Rathy as a wakeboarder, that is, until this year’s Toe Jam. He qualified through both behind the boat and the PWC, and nearly took the win during the rail jam. But apparently no one, including his sponsors, had been paying attention. Last year Aaron took best trick on his wakeskate at Wakestock Cananda, as well as winning the Canadian Nationals unstrapped, but his sponsors still thought of him as a wakeboarder. He actually had trouble getting skates. “I guess they thought of it as a side project,” he said. Now living fulltime in Florida, Aaron has already got plenty of skate cred under his belt after showing no fear at the Toe Jam. “He’ll just try anything,” Reed Hansen said. “You could tell him to try and backflip and he’d probably try it over the handrail.”

Most recently, Aaron qualified through on a wakeskate at the first Pro Tour stop. Of course, he dislocated his rib during his wakeboard run, and had to sit out for the finals. Don’t think that’s going to dissuade him from strapping in as well, though. “I’m stoked to do the whole tour, wakeboarding and wakeskating,” he said.