Photography by EJ Peterson

The 2012 Byerly Toe Jam wrapped up last night at around 11 PM under the lights after one of the most insane final winch rounds wakeskating has ever seen. When you build a pool gap correctly, the results can be astonishing. All day long guys were absolutely destroying the setup with all sorts of variations on the top ledges and then down the gaps. Frontside and backside bigger spins off the drop, varial flips, frontside flips over the hubba ledges, and all sorts of lock in manuevers from Mr. Austin Pastura which eventually crowned the 16 year old King of the winch event, followed by Ben Horan and his brother Andrew Pastura in 3rd.

As for the boat event, Brandon Thomas came off a strong finish at the wake games and was ready to take home top honors at Toe Jam which he did, leaving Grant Roberts and roommate Brian Grubb safely behind him with their respective 2nd and 3rd place finishes. What a weekend! We want to give a shout-out to Matt Manzari who had a rough weekend after an unfortunate crash into shore. He is expecting a full recovery, but badly injured so keep him in your thoughts. We love you Matt! Oh the things we do for the sport we love…Get well soon buddy!