With Surf Expo comes the Oct/Nov issue of Alliance Wake, always one of the most popular issues of the year. This is the biggest issue of Alliance in several years and we’re stoked for everybody to check it out. First things first; there isn’t a better way to get a cover than with a solid method. Josh Twelker has one of the best and this shot from the frigid waters of Scotland snagged him his third cover of Alliance. Props to Bradlee Rutledge on the photo and stay tuned for a full story from our trip to Scotland in a future issue of the mag.

15.8_The List_640x360

“The List” is always one of the most talked about (and hopefully laughed at) articles of the year, and 2015 is no different. There are some things to praise in the worlds of wake from 2015, as well as some things to scratch your head over. And then of course the few things to call out completely. From “blowing your load on social media” to “riding naked” The List 2015 has you covered.

15.8_Real Wake_640x360

Wakeboarding made an insanely triumphant return to X Games via this summer’s Real Wake competition. Go behind the scenes of each rider’s section in the story in the Oct/Nov issue of Alliance.

15.8_No Filter_640x360

This issue’s “No Filter” interview is with the one-and-only Randall Harris. Get a look inside Randall’s mindset with this one-of-a-kind interview and see what he thinks about the current state of wakeboarding and what gets him stoked to ride today.