The May issue of Alliance Wake is out and ready for you to tear through line-by-line. We know you really just like looking at the pictures most, but trust us; this issue has some content you’re actually going to enjoy reading.


We actually have to start the issue with an apology. The cover shot is a straight kick to your manhood because you know you’ll never go as high as Jeff Langley. We’re sorry for making you feel bad, but hopefully the stoke from seeing the man known as Bruce soar is worth it. We promise, no Photoshop was used in the creation of this cover.


Inside our feature stories start off with the epic tale that is the life of wakeskating icon Danny Hampson. Danny’s story is one that has been told in pieces over various stages of his career, but never has it all been put together like this. In “Tide and Time” we got our former editor and close friend of Hampson Tony Smith to pen the article; combined with photos from the archive of Josh Letchworth, this is an epic piece that will take you down memory lane and leave you wanting more.


From the legend of Danny Hampson we move onto the future, in the form of the slender goofball from Italy known as Piffa. Massi Piffaretti has quickly become the next big thing in wakeboarding, and for good reason. His riding is progressing at a mind blowing pace (he’s doing tricks nobody else in the world can do), but he is also one of the most fun guys to hang out with. We had a conversation with him (while he cooked us fresh pasta, nonetheless) and you’re gonna want to read it.


Of course, the rest of the magazine is filled with all sorts of content. From Inneundo’s mockery of the Internet trolls, to the awesomeness that is the Framed section, to No Filter with the incomparable Phil Soven; the May issue of Alliance Wake will not leave you disappointed.