The June issue is out and it is packed full of the old and new of wakeboarding.  It’s out just in time to get you stoked for the long summer days that are hopefully in your future (sorry, Southern Hemisphere).


To start things off Cody Hesse wall rode his way onto the cover at this unique spot.  It has been noted that Cody looks like a younger Byerly with that arm hook.  Most of you reading this are probably too young to remember the Byerly hook, so do yourself a favor and dust off the VCR player and toss in a classic.



In keeping with the theme of young gun Cody Hesse, we sat down and talked to him about where he’s from, how many cookies he eats daily and why he wants to become a stunt man.  Current landlord, Shane Bonifay, also drilled Cody with questions and lowered his self esteem a little.  A few other “Hood” residents dropped in during the conversation, so give it a read, you’ll be entertained.



We go from a conversation with one of wakeboarding’s most promising young guns to the legend that is Liquid Force.  LF is synonymous with wakeboarding, with how much they have given back to the sport over the years it’s safe to bet your first set was during a Free-For All event.  We got the OG’s to sit down and tell some of the best stories in LF’s 20 year history.  If this doesn’t get you wanting to buy a ticket to BROstock next weekend we don’t know what will.



You know it wouldn’t be an issue of Alliance without us asking some unfiltered questions to someone. We tracked down one of the busiest riders this season to see what misconceptions people may have about him.  Let’s not forget about the rest of the mag though. You’ll have to pick it up at your local shop to see what else we crammed into one issue.