No baby back b*#%$ here with Cole Vanthof teaching you the proper way to lay one back. Photos: Rutledge

Layback w/ Cole Vanthof



Do: Come at the rail just like any other normal rail hit: very slight edge on your heels into the rail with your elbows in to keep the handle a bit closer to you. If you can’t hit rails then you need to get to VWC!
Don’t: Be a baby back b*#%$



Do: Snap your an ollie as if you were going to pop into a tail press – so you’re keeping your weight back and extending your back foot down to the rail first. Practice tail presses before going for a full layback, it will help with balance and control.
Don’t: Miss the ollie ‘cause then you might be eating some rail for lunch.



Do: After you pop your ollie don’t sweat ‘cause it’s time to layback. Push your tail onto the rail and poke out your front foot. As soon as your tail touches the rail just collapse your body. You can also let the handle out so you can really get your lay on. Throw your butt and back onto the rail followed by your back hand and let everything drag behind your board. Keep centered over the board and rail to stay balanced.
Don’t: Be a poser. Just squatting low and dragging your hand behind you on the rail doesn’t count as a layback!!!



Do: At this point you should be laid back, maxin’, relaxin’ all chill like through the whole rail. When you reach the end of the rail make sure your back hand is ready to push you off the rail.
Don’t: Let the board slip out from underneath you. Stay centered over the board. Make sure it’s chilly cruzin’ through the whole thang.



Do: When coming off the rail you need to push off with your back hand and pull on the handle at the same time as your board is coming off the rail. This will bring you back on top of your board while you’re coming off the rail. From there just ride away like a steezy boss.  
Don’t: Look back at it and see if someone saw you slaying it, ‘cause you already know you did boi (or gurl)!