The April issue of Alliance Wake is out now and you’re not gonna want to miss it.


The issue kicks off with a kickass kick by the one-and-only Dylan Miller. His wrapped one-foot 360 was capture perfectly by Garrett Cortese and it is one of the more unique tricks and covers you’re likely to see. Plus he’s wearing jorts, so that’s pretty cool.


The April issue also features a special road trip with the Slingshot team. They hopped in an RV and headed from Orlando to Shredtown. Photographer Bryan Soderlind tagged along and capture the whole journey in epic fashion. If you flip through the story you’ll see some amazing riding only the Slingshot team can provide, along with some hilarious comedy that puts the “dump” in “Dump + Run”.

15.3_No Wake_640x360

In the land of 10,000 lakes you’d think you wouldn’t worry much about finding a place to ride, but when record-breaking flooding rolled through Minnesota last summer the government had to put a “No Wake” ordinance across the whole state. Fortunately Jade Whirley and Josh Tranby have a winch and some creativity. Ryan Taylor got some rad images of the locals shredding Minneapolis like it’s never been shredded before.

15.3_No Filter_640x360

Last, but definitely not least, we’ve brought back the “No Filter” interviews for this issue of Alliance. Last year’s No Filter with Nick Taylor, JD Webb, Aaron Reed, Danny Harf, and Steel Lafferty was one of the most popular and talked-about articles we ever created. This year we knew we had to do another one and ask some on-topic, hard-hitting questions with a few more riders: Shane Bonifay, Mike Dowdy, and Kevin Henshaw. Each rider has a unique perspective on the sport right now and we know you’re going to be interested in what they have to say. With the popularity of No Filter we’ve also decided to make it a permanent section in each issue of Alliance, so look for it in the next issue of the magazine as well.


Congrats again, Dylan, for kicking the snot out of the cover.