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“Yeah, bru” Matti Buys at home in South Africa

Flipping through the pages of this issue is like sitting on the subway going to NYC. It’s a wild, bumpy ride full of people you may have never seen before, some loud, some quiet, but you know you are in for a visual experience unlike anything else. We should have called this the couch surfer issue because we have content from almost every continent in the world. The reach that riding a board sideways has is pretty crazy these days, so we broke down the influence each of the main continents has on the sport. If you are just stopping through for the pictures, we’ve got you covered with a diverse selection in Framed. Or, if you wanted a behind the scenes look at what it took to make the Red Bull Wake Crane happen we have the inside story from Felix Georgii. Finally, the last stop is right back home with the most American thing in wakeboarding, a double-up contest from our friends at MasterCraft.

Don’t worry, though, these were just the main stops in 17.3. No Filter with “Dirty” Mike Dowdy and an all-new section called Rigs features the ultimate rider, filmer, and camping van with Trever Maur. So enjoy the ride, and we hope you tell that annoying boss of yours “I quit” and go explore parts of the world you have never seen before.

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