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The Oct/Nov issue of Alliance Wake is always a special one, but this one might take the most special of cakes. Right off the bat you get smacked in the face with the Pizza Boi himself, Massi Piffaretti, with a wall ride for the ages. Massi has been looking at that dam since he was a kid learning his first tricks behind the boat, and this summer it all came together during an epic Red Bull trip through his native country with Brian Grubb. The cover is just one of the many awesome shots by Garrett Cortese from the full “Pass the Prosciutto” story, which can be found in this new issue.


Inside the mag is full of goodness the get you stoked as summer comes to an end. First up is a behind-the-scenes look at Real Wake: Powered by MasterCraft. The best event in wake once again blew minds this year and we talked with all the rider and filmmakers to get their thoughts on being part of it. Plus, getting to see some of those gnarly hits in still photo form is a cool way to revisit the riders’ sections.


Every Oct/Nov issue of Alliance has always been famous for one thing: The List. Of course it’s back for 2016, this time with the “good, the bad, and the ugly”. We take a look back at what’s been going on in our sports the past 365 days and let you know our thoughts on some of the most prominent. The List has always been a favorite and it delivers again for 2016.


The issue closes out with an awesome article about The Coalition movie. What started as a unique series of web videos that became instantly popular, The Coalition’s founder, Wes Jacobsen, started working on a full length version with the same raw vibe and progressive action. Wes is one of the more unique characters in wakeboarding today and his style comes through perfectly in the video, which is going to make its premiere at the Alliance booth at Surf Expo (be there or be square).


Is that a good enough tease for you? Be sure to pick up the new issue and check it out, you’re gonna dig it. And if you’re lucky enough to have found a way into Surf Expo, definitely stop by the Alliance booth for a bunch of rad videos (like The Coalition) and some Not Beer…