Happy Monday, wake brethren! We’re stoked to greet you this week with the release of our newest issue of Alliance Wake. Inside you will find all sorts of goodies to keep your stoke tanks running on full, and maybe you’ll even find some new motivation to go explore and try something different – be it a different ride, a new location, or learning a new trick.


Cassandra carving some California gold // photo: Mahallia Budds

First off on the cover we have what might be the most core photo we’ve ever run. Not core as in “hardcore”, but core as in our roots. And your roots. If this photo of Cassandra Scott carving up some epic Sierra Nevada scenery doesn’t make you want to get out and ride right now, then we’re afraid you’ve lost some passion. Fortunately crews like the Wakebabes are full of that passion and earlier this summer they made it their mission to travel around the eastern Sierra range looking for rad spots to ride with Jen GilanFarr’s $500 1962 outboard Alumacraft. We have long been proponents of not just the most progressive action on the water, but the lifestyle surrounding it. Nothing is as fun as being on the water with family and friends; and if you can do that on a budget with nothing but a map and general outline, then more power to you. The story of the Wakebabe’s – “Amongst the Sierra” – adventure features some of the most picturesque spots you could possibly ride, and when they were submitted to us we were definitely jealous. And jonesin’ to ride.

A shark in the Sierra  //  photo: Mahallia Budds

A shark in the Sierra // photo: Mahallia Budds

The second feature of this issue is another road trip, this time to the Suwannee River with Billabong bros Brian Grubb, Cody Hesse, and Brenton Priestley. Living in Orlando as a pro rider can get monotonous. Yes, it’s awesome having your boat in your backyard and riding whenever you want, but sometimes it’s good to get away (when getting away doesn’t involved traveling for a contest or clinic). These guys headed out with Bryan Soderlind to go explore parts of the Suwannee (a couple hours from Orlando) they’d never been to before. This lead to new spots to ride, both boat and winch, as well as some sweet springs to explore and locals to chat it up with.

A day and a half of shredding butter  //  photo: Bryan Soderlind

A day and a half of shredding butter // photo: Bryan Soderlind

Jacob Valdez closes out the issue with an awesome “No Filter” interview. Jacob has been around wakeboarding since he was ten (literally, his first ad in a mag was with Jet Pilot when he was ten) and he’s long been known for both his technical abilities and WSR-influenced style. With his opening section of Dog Dayz Jacob caught everybody’s attention, not just with his riding, but with his words. Having to get a “real world” job in order to afford to keep riding, Jacob opens up in the interview about that, about his injured past, and about his view of the sport right now. If nothing else, it will give you a greater appreciation for the kid formerly known as Brown Trout.

Jacob's POV is worth the read  //  photos: Hahn & Rodrigo

Jacob’s POV is worth the read // photos: Hahn & Rodrigo