The June issue of Alliance Wake is here and it starts off with Nico von Lerchenfeld boosting up in Thailand while filming for LF’n Awesome.  After having a knee injury sideline him most of last season, Nico made it clear he’s back.  We have to add that our Editor Garrett Cortese shot this which also marks his 10 years with the magazine.


This leads us into the first couple pages which highlights Garrett Cortese 10th year with the magazine.  He talks about some of his first photos every published as well as the first time meeting Parks and having a not beer with him.


Next, we sat down with young gun Gunner Daft to get a better look of how this Oklahoman made his way to Orlando at such a young age.  We have focused on highlighting the younger talent in this season, Gunner’s effortless style caught our attention and the means to clarify his name isn’t Lars.


The next stop we take you on in this June Issue is to the Shredtown Jamboree.  20 of the top rail riders descended on the small town of Athens, Texas to spend a weekend camping and riding.  At the end an overall champion would be crowned by the riders.  All weekend hammers were getting thrown down so if you haven’t seen the video from this weekend, do so.


Finally, we tracked down one of wakeboardings craziest riders Graeme Burress.  Of course we are biased but, this is one of the best No Filters all year and a must read.  Head to your local shop to pick up copies and always remember, Innuendo>Information.