I have to admit that when this bad boy showed up in the mail I was a bit hesitant to rig it up and take it for a spin. To me it seemed a bit like putting a bug guard on the front of a new Porsche, but regardless I proceeded and was impressed with the results. It’s SUPER easy to assemble and does a great job keeping the rope clear of the racks or whatever else it may get hooked on. It basically hangs out past the tower about 8 feet and connects to the rope with a small piece of velcro. The design is very simple and clean so there is little room for error. It’s on a smooth swivel so it follows the rope as you edge from left to right. As a rider you have no idea it’s even there, but as a driver / passenger in the boat it eliminates the hastle of constantly getting up to free the rope off the racks and tower speakers.

I never really realized what a pain it was to have to get up and unhook the rope from the board racks (usually because I demand someone else does it since I’m the driver), but it really does make the towing experience much more relaxing. Now the passenger can chill and I don’t have to constantly be barking orders. All they need to do now is figure out how to make it double as a fishing outrigger and pro wakeboarders around the globe will be hooked! Check out Wake Jak for more info.