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2017 Reflex – The Coalition LTD

The hottest video of the year is coming this September – The Coalition Movie!  BuyWake.com, Slingshot, and the Valdosta Wake Compound crew decided to do a little something special in honor of its release.

For 2017, Slingshot did away with their tract system and have replaced it with a new, semi-traditional-style mounting system to enhance board flex.  The 2017 Slingshot x The Coalition LTD Reflex is your new dream board.  Our team rider Quinn Silvernale has been on it…and, if you’ve seen his edits coming out of VWC, then you know this board is the truth!  The artwork was done by our team rider Wesley Mark Jacobsen (yes, it’s true…he not only SHREDS everything, he is also an amazingly talented artist – Wesley has a few boards he designed for the 2017 Slingshot line that we can’t wait to show you soon).

The Reflex has been a park favorite for years.  It is the foundation for several of the other park boards in Slingshot’s line, and is the perfect choice for rail riders who like to keep things simple.  The Reflex’s classic outline and tip shape allow for some of the smoothest slides in the park.  Chined rails protect your edges while sliding less than perfect surfaces, and are a great help in perfecting your MJ slides.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of history!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.44.45 AM

The Coalition Movie Teaser

You see those screen shots below?  Yeah…you better click now and get your mind blown by what our team riders have been working on.  Quinn Silvernale, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Austin Pratt, Cole Vanthof, and a few other INSANELY good wakeboarders are at the front of the style movement.

Enjoy the teaser by clicking below.



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