Length: 138, 142, 146
MSRP: $550

Engineered for nothing but boat riding, the Pill is back for another year of launching into the flats. Its aggressive 3 stage rocker gives you more pop than you’ll know what to do with while its wide belly helps you absorb those massive landings. Built for speed, the Pill is nothing short of fast and mean. The Pill is also the stiffest board in Slingshot’s line up to give riders a nice stepping stone into the world of flex.

Stoked to be on a 146 Pill this year. The bigger size comes with bigger pop, and yes, that’s a good thing. It’s probably the easiest board for those looking to transition from a traditional foam core to wood core behind the boat. The board is extremely reliable off the wake and on the landings. After a few test jumps you’ll know what to expect every time without fail.

– Alex Graydon

Solo (Dylan Miller)
Length: 142, 146, 150
MSRP: $550

Winching, park riding, and boat…the Solo does it all! Its thin profile makes carving this board extremely easy and with the flex tips, you can get pressed out to your heart’s content. It has a nice stiff belly and channels for extra grip while riding the wake. Plus, they’ve stepped up the size this year to 150 cm so if you feel like you need some extra length, the Solo has you covered.

“The Solo is my dream board. Slingshot gave me the freedom to design a board the exact way I wanted. The only thing I wanted to change from the original design 3 years ago was to add a bigger size. This year, my prayers were answered with 150 centimeters of pure bliss that can destroy the park and the wake.”

Dylan Miller

Bishop (Blake Bishop)
Length: 146, 150
MSRP: $550

New for 2019, the Bishop is built for every rail hit you can throw at it. The ATL native’s first pro model is made for the tech rail rider who likes going big from time to time. It has Slingshot’s patented flex tips so you can press all over the place while having a nice stiff belly for big kicker hits. What more could you ask for? Just like the Solo, its thin profile makes it easy to control on the water while giving it just enough grip to keep you locked in.

“YKWTFGO! Stoked on my board for this season! It’s got the flex for rails, the stiffness in the middle for kickers, and sharp edges for carving all around the park. Feels super light on the water and tons of pop. Get you one!”

– Blake Bishop


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