Slingshot RAD

Slingshot’s OG boat boot, the RAD, is exactly what its name implies…this boot is RAD! Not only has Slingshot managed to lighten this boot (20% lighter to be exact) while strengthening it where it’s needed, they gave it plenty of support and kept the comfort level high to keep you out on the water longer. Just like the other boots in the line, the RADs have the direct connect soles while basically eliminate the need for a base plate and take advantage of the K9 mounting system to give you the best board feel out there. Get RAD!

“The RAD’s are simple. They’re comfortable, easy to get into, easy to get out of, and all around RAD! They have good ankle support but aren’t too stiff so you don’t feel like Frankenstein out there.” – Quinn Silvernale

MSRP: $479

Slingshot Shredtown

Winch masters Shredtown have been steadily killing it for years now and the new Shredtown boot helps them along the way. With the removable liner you’ve come to know and love, the boys have also made the boot tongue removable for those who want a little extra flex in their boot. Want it a little stiffer? Keep that tongue in! Either way, these boots will get you where you want to go whether it be in the streets, at the park, or behind the boat!

“The Shredtown boot is back and better than ever with several innovative improvements. The tongue is removable for more flex on those tweaked out grabs if that’s your style, or leave them in for rock solid ankle support. They look sick and feel great, and keep your feet safe no matter where you’re riding!”  – Shredtown

MSRP: $479

Slingshot KTV

The KTV’s have been in Slingshot’s line up for years now and for good reason. Lighter and stronger basically sum up these boots for 2019 with their direct connect soles that take a base plate out of the equation and the forged aluminum track to cut down on weight. Along with the return of the gummy straps to keep you locked in with no slips, the KTV’s are primed to keep you killing it all season long!

I’m loving the KTV’s this year. Somehow they managed to make my favorite binding even better, being a bit lighter now. The gummy strap system could be the best thing to happen to bindings since closed toe bindings made their debut 12+ years ago. Quick in and out, great for cutting laps at the cable or tweaking grabs behind the boat. I love being able to tighten or loosen my bindings while riding without worrying about them coming undone once they’re re-set. Also, they keep your feet attached to the board when you launch up into the air… BOOM! Science AF.” – Alex Graydon

MSRP: $429


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