Length: 130, 135, 139, 144
MSRP: $280

One of the most tried and true shapes to date, the Trip has been in Liquid Force’s line up for twenty years now. A classic shape pioneered by Greg Necrason, the Trip is meant for all skill levels. They’ve beefed up the tip and tail of the board to handle the wake sizes nowadays and shaped it onto a very reliable continuous rocker. If it’s good enough for riders like Luca Kidd then we’re fairly sure it’ll be good enough for you too…

“The Trip is a legend of a board! Crafted by Jimmy Redmond twenty years ago, this is definitely one of my favorite boards in the LF line. The design might have changed over the years but it’s still a super fun board! Give it a go and you just might like it too!”

  Luca Kidd


Rhythm (Guenther Oka)
Length: 140, 145
MSRP: $550


Guenther Oka is an absolute ripper so his board better be able to keep up. The Rythym not only keeps up with Guenther but helps him do all he wants out on the water. It’s all wood core is meant to be flexed on and gives the board a nice lively feel on the water. Its beveled edge keeps you from catching any unwanted edges while its side channels give you enough grip on the water to stay confident. I mean, Guenther won an X Games gold medal with the help of this board so it must be pretty good!

“The Rhythm is the ultimate wake park weapon. With a little more rigidity through the belly, this board can handle rail to rails and mega transfers with no problems. It also rides fast across the water which makes edging from feature to feature incredibly easy. With the built in Flex Track, this makes pressing on the nose and tail so much fun. Not to mention the all wood core that takes kicker hits like a champ.”

– Guenther Oka


Length: 132, 137
MSRP: $450

The ladies version of the Timba, the Aspen has a shorter, narrower outline than its male counterpart. This outline makes for a softer flex for a lighter rider for the rails while the 3 stage rocker and deep double concaves at the tip and tail provide some solid pop off of the wake. It’s also built with a tough sintered Ptex base so you can hit rails all day without worrying about losing any of its pop.

“The Aspen not only has an awesome look to it with an awesome graphic but the all wood core makes it a super fun board. It’s nice and soft but can be aggressive when you put it on edge. It’s a solid choice whether you’re hitting the park or the wake!”

 – Angelika Schriber



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