Rider: Josh Kerr

Boat Specs:
Tigé RZX
Length: 23’
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 6,000 lbs
Ballast weight: 3,000 lbs standard (500 lbs extra optional)
Passenger capacity: 16
Engine: Raptor by Indmar 440 hp (up to Raptor 575)

2016_Tige_Z3-20150624-104 (1)

The     Tigé RZX     is my boat of choice because of its   cuteness  ,

   radical colors      and     wake     . Plus the     shape       is     boss    . The wake is so     juicy       that I can     get wet     every time I ride. Seriously, it’s bigger than a    butt    on a      Kardashian    . This boat’s spirit animal is a      tiger      because it has    a name that sounds like tiger in my Aussie accent      and is totally       badass    .

I can fit all of my     family    ,    Not Beers     , and     boards    without anybody having to      inappropriately slap   each other.

Of course, you can’t talk about a boat as   awesome   as this without mentioning the   loads of ballast     and the     remote transfers     . There are     s#%@ loads of        speakers in this boat, which means it’s louder than      little girls      at a     Taylor Swift concert     .     Yeah Yeah Yeahs       is my favorite style of     tunes        to blast through the system while I’m working on my     abs     .

If you’re into boat surfing this thing will put out a wave that will      bite      you with     a punch while you     ride the best wake of your life     . Seriously it comes up to my     hat          and makes me feel     bigger than my friends’ hats  . It’s all possible thanks to the   Taps 3 Surf System engineering     that does a lot of     work   and     makes me realize I need to do more squats    .

I mean, just look at this thing. It’s got more    horsepower         than a     frog in a sock     , and is prettier than a    lady in yoga pants    .

The only thing I like better than this boat is     my wife        and that’s because I’m a     sucker for her  .

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