Rider: Jeff McKee

Boat Specs:
Nautique G23
Length: 23’
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 5,900 lbs
Ballast weight: 2,850 lbs
Passenger capacity: 16
Engine: 355 hp / 450 hp / 550 hp


The   Nautique G23   is my boat of choice because of its   #1 ranking wake/wave according to anyone who has a clue about boards and boats   and   the fact that I can remotely control the boat with my watch. Plus the   interior  is   yacht-like  . The wake is so      massive    that I can     basically touch the moon    every time I ride. Seriously, it’s bigger than a   double up   on any other boat out there  . This boat’s spirit animal is a    hammerhead   because it has   such a bold, aggressive look     and is totally   fast and agile despite its size  .

I can fit all of my   boards    ,    coolers, surfers, fishing poles, family, and   friends    without anybody having to   hide in a locker or sit on   each other.

Of course, you can’t talk about a boat as    award-winning    as this without mentioning the   3,000 lbs of ballast   and the   Link System w/ helm control, which makes changing the wake a breeze  . There are   more      speakers in this boat   than in my house and cars combined    , which means it’s louder than   my children      at a    candy/princess convention    .   Soul   is my favorite style of     music      to blast through the system while I’m working on my      tan      .

If you’re into boat surfing this thing will put out a wave that will     push     you with   the power of the Loch Ness monster      while you     attack the lip    . Seriously it comes up to my   stomach     and makes me feel     like I can join the World Surf League     . It’s all possible thanks to the      Nautique Surf System  that does a lot of     fine tuning    and   allows you to switch instantly from one side to the other    .

I mean, just look at this thing. It’s got more     horsepower and cup holders     than the   Daytona 500     , and is prettier than   any other vessel I’ve had the pleasure of operating   .

The only thing I like better than this boat is      riding behind it and admiring how good it looks   and that’s because I’m a  slave to the wave  . McKee_G23_20151210_6146_Cortese McKee_G23_20151210_6139_Cortese




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