Every year at Alliance we host a board test for our gear guide issue in an effort to bring you the most accurate on water results we can as it relates to these products. This years test was conducted by a group of 4 hand selected riders who have little to no current affiliation with any particular manufacturer, but at the same time ride at a high skill level both on rails and on the boat. Between the 4 “chosen ones,” they have a combined 56 years of on water experience. They are your friends, they are everyday people: The guys you stand next to in line at the cable park, the guys that get blisters on their hands from too many laps, and the guys who just like you have holes in their wetsuits, broken buckles on their vests, and are in dying need of a new board! Below are 5 of their favorite boards from the 2nd Annual Alliance Board Test, boards that scored high enough to earn the Alliance Approved Stamp. More boards to come next week!

Liquid Force “TEX”

Sizes: 134cm, 138 cm, 142 cm

– “Holy Smooth Ride!” – Ben Bazis

-“Now I understand why Tom Fooshee is so good. The board is very forgiving, responds well, and lands with ease.” – Kyle Alberts

– “Really like the flat tip and tail for pressing on rails. Overall the board feels like a liquid force witness on steroids.” – Kevin Whipplinger

– “Don’t mess with Tex!” – Alliance


Ronix “Bill” Sintered Edition

Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm

– “I really liked this board at the cable, definitely my favorite of the non-flex category.” – Ben Bazis

– “My favorite board in the Ronix line-up. Consistant pop and just fast enough.” – Travis Propst

– “Really solid on the rails and it has a lot of pop with smooth landings behind the boat.” – Kevin Whipplinger

– “Who the f#%k is Bill?” – Alliance


Slingshot “Recoil”

Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm, 146cm

– “Can press for days on the rails and absorbs a lot of impact on landings.” – Kevin Whipplinger

– “Soft landings. Mellow, fun ride.” – Kyle Alberts

– “Has more of a 3-stage feel. Lots of pop, but not as consistent as the response.” – Travis Propst

– “The mounting system is awesome on all the Slingshot boards!” – Ben Bazis

– “Boner Time.” – Alliance


Obrien “Paradigm”

Sizes: 134cm, 139cm, 144cm

– “Rides loose when you’re cruising, but locks in when you’re on edge. Consistent edge, tracking and pop behind the boat as well.” – Kevin Whipplinger

– “Very fun to ride. It’s fast, responsive and has lots of pop with soft landings.” – Travis Propst

– “A little loose with the smaller fins, but lot’s of fun! Rides small, so size up if you’re gonna ride it.” – Kyle Alberts

– “Obrien’s back on the map with this SOB!” – Alliance


CWB “Saber” 

Sizes: 139cm, 145cm

– “Similar to the vibe, but I prefer the saber. A loose, consistent board with soft landings.” – Travis Propst

– “Loved it! Super fun and easily adaptable.” – Kyle Alberts

– “Well balanced on boat and cable. The wide tip and tail provide great stability on rails.” – Kevin Whipplinger

– “Would’ve been way sweeter with a tiger on it…” – Alliance



Check back next week for more Alliance Approved products!
















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