Connelly Fishbone 4’9″

MSRP: $999

The Connelly Fishbone may only come in one size at 4’9”, but this board was surprisingly versatile. The idea behind the Fishbone shape was to be a solid surfer, but also perform as a skim style board as well. What we found from this shape was that even though it’s marketed as an advanced board, it’s good for beginners as well. It was very easy to stay in the wave and dial in basic maneuvers. The only challenge we had with this hybrid shape was the skim style elements made it interesting to surf the board aggressively. Even with fins this board was just difficult to charge at the wake and get the most out of every pop. The upshot is that the Fishbone is a great option for a more advanced rider who wants a “do it all” board whether it’s skim or surf; or even a beginner who isn’t quite sure which discipline they prefer.

  • Stays in wave 8
  • Carve 3
  • Pop 5
  • Ability 2


Connelly Ono 4’10”

MSRP: $799

The Ono is easy to spot from anywhere in the boat especially when the sun is shining. The Ono features Connelly’s skelecore, and once the light hits the board it shines through the belly making for an impressive aesthetic. Beyond the rad visuals, this board performed very well in our tests. In contrast to the Fishbone the Ono was able to be ridden much more aggressively as it’s clearly a surf specific shape. It also had great pop and speed, meaning that an advanced rider will be able to push the board to its limits while having a good time and beginners won’t be struggling just to stay in the wave. The Ono caters to just about anyone and if you’re in the market for a board with a unique look this is certainly a solid option.

  • Stays in wave 9
  • Carve 5
  • Pop 6
  • Ability 4

Other Lengths: 5’3”


Connelly Tracer 55″

MSRP: $649

For 2022, Connelly has added the Tracer to their surf line up. At first glance this board is clearly skim specific with a unique traction pad that spans the entire top deck. This is a nice benefit for those who aren’t quite dialed in on every trick and in our testing it was plenty grippy. The Connelly Tracer was also light and consistent in its movements, making it a viable choice for those more advanced skim riders. The Tracer definitely provides the tools to ride at a more professional level when pushed to its limits but where this board really shines is for those learning and progressing through the beginner to upper intermediate levels as this board has a lot of features to accommodate that level of progression.

  • Stays in wave 7
  • Carve 6
  • Pop 7
  • Ability 5

Other Lengths: 52”, 58”


On the wave
Stays In Wave – how easily it stays in the wave  (1 = leg burner, 10 = effortless)
Pop – explosiveness off the wave (1 = not much, 10 = got hops)
Carve – how it turns on the wave (1 = locked in, 10 = loose)
Ability – how easy is it to ride (1 = beginner, 2 expert)



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