LF_2015_Peak-137_BOT LF_2015_Peak-137_TOP

LIQUID FORCE PEAK 141 (Nico von Lerchenfeld)

Length: 141cm

Width: 17”

Rocker: 2.7” aggressive 3-stage

MSRP: $500

LF Peak_Results

What the pro says:

“I love this year’s version of the Peak because it feels so alive. The all-wood core is super direct and responsive and has incredible pop. For 2015 it comes with a different glass layup to improve the flex. For the graphics, I cut out stencils out of old, funny photos of myself as a little kid. I love how it came out!” – Nico Von Lerchenfeld


Tester Comments:

“Love the way this board ollies, great pop.” – Marc

“Great all around board for any park rider.” – Pierce

“Easy to press, super fun.” – Gunner

“Quick, definitely good for advanced riders. My only gripe was getting sprayed in the face from the fin holes every time I edged hard.” – Cody
LF_2015_RDX-138_TOP LF_2015_RDX-138_BOT

LIQUID FORCE RDX 138 (Raph Derome) (Alliance Approved)

Length: 138cm

Width: 17.2”

Rocker: 2.6” progressive 3-stage

MSRP: $450

LF RDX_Results

What the pro says:

“I have been riding the Watson Classic forever, but I thought we could make some changes to it to switch things up a little bit. I wanted it to adapt to my riding a bit more. This board pops like the Classic, but it is a little bit faster so it lands softer and you will see a bigger change if you like to go big and land in the flats. It’s also a bit looser than the Classic and was adapted to be more effective on the bigger wakes we ride today. It’s a great boat board, and I like that it’s one of the only boat boards left with molded in fins.” – Raph Derome


Tester Comments:

“Great speed and pop!” – Marc

“Very reminiscent of the old Watson shapes. Great boat board (unless you didn’t like the old Watson shapes).” – Pierce

“Fun board with soft landings, I just wish it was a bit faster.” – Gunner

“Poppy-pop-pop.” – Cody

LIQUID FORCE REMEDY 142 (Harley Clifford)

Length: 142cm

Width: 17.3”

Rocker: 2.7” aggressive 3-stage

MSRP: $450

LF Remedy_Results

What the pro says:

“I’m really pumped on the way the Remedy came out. Jimmy (Redmon) and I had an idea to make something different, so that’s what we did. It took over a year to perfect it and get it right. After the success of the Harley board I wanted to make something more advanced that would give me the biggest pop out of any board ever! The fishtail really gives the board that extra bit of acceleration up the wake to give you that extra pop. Plus the landings are soft and the board has so much control riding around, it’s the perfect board if you’re wanting to take your riding to the next level!” – Harley Clifford


Tester Comments:

“Fast, lightweight board with great pop.” – Marc

“Don’t let the nose/tail from ‘02 throw you off, this is a sick board!” – Pierce

“Great shape, but tracks a little too much for my liking.” – Gunner



LF_2015_TAO-Hybrid-141_TOP LF_2015_TAO-Hybrid-141_BOT

LIQUID FORCE TAO 141 (Daniel Grant)

Length: 141cm

Width: 17”

Rocker: 2.7” progressive 3-stage

MSRP: $530

LF TAO_Results


What the pro says:

“The TAO has a progressive 3-stage rocker with a wood/pu core with a wide tip and tail. For me it’s the perfect cable board that can take hard hits on rails and kickers, give me soft landings, and still have enough traction for edging hard without fins. I think my favorite thing about the TAO is that it doesn’t have any fin holes, so you don’t get water spraying in your face!” – Daniel Grant

Tester Comments:

“Overall smooth feel and ride, but you can feel the channels on the bottom when you’re pressing.” – Cody

“Fun, forgiving board that’s easy to press.” – Gunner

“Really light and maneuverable, but landings can be loose.” – Pierce

“Fast and flexible, awesome in the park!” – Marc


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