2015_CWB_Boards_Groove top 2015_CWB_Boards_Groove base

CWB GROOVE 139 (Kaesen Suyderhoud)

LENGTH: 139cm

WIDTH: 17.6”

ROCKER: 2.7” continuous

MSRP: $380

CWB Groove_Results

What the pro says:

“The Groove is fast on the water and frictionless on rails with the perfect amount of flex in all the right places. It’s perfect for lapping the park, winching the streets and even hitting the big wakes behind the boat.” – Kaesen Suyderhoud

Tester Comments:

“Really smooth board. Fun to ride and great for kickers.” – Marc

“Super adaptable for all riders, but can get a bit loose if you cut really hard.” – Pierce

“Smooth bottom makes it easy to maneuver, but at the same time it can stick on rails.” – Cody
2015_CWB_Boards_Standard base 2015_CWB_Boards_Standard top

CWB THE STANDARD 143 (Josh Twelker) (Alliance Approved)

LENGTH: 143cm

WIDTH: 17.6”

ROCKER: 2.9” continuous

MSRP: $400

CWB Standard_Results

What the pro says:

“When we first started shaping The Standard I wanted a board that felt natural – not a lot of ‘stuff’. I wanted a board that tracked smooth when on edge, gave me the consistent pop I look for, and landed smooth. With the continuous rocker shape and extra width I feel like The Standard is the perfect combo of both. I couldn’t be happier with my first pro model board.” – Josh Twelker


Tester Comments:

“I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this board.” – Gunner

“The Standard sets the standard – really fun! Rides just right.” – Pierce

“Very easy ride, I wish it came with some of Twelker’s tweaks.” – Cody
2015_CWB_Boards_Mode top 2015_CWB_Boards_Mode base


LENGTH: 141cm

WIDTH: 17.5”

ROCKER: 3.1” continuous

MSRP: $350

CWB Mode_Results

What the pro says:

“The Mode is a smooth board that is very forgiving. It has a continuous rocker so you always know what sort of pop you’re going to get and that makes the board very predictable. Anyone can ride the board, whether you are a beginner learning to ride or an experienced rider! It has a nice double spine down the middle to make those big landings out to the flats as smooth as possible.” – Tony Iacconi


Tester Comments:

“Great speed and pop.” – Marc

“All the perks that come from riding a wide board, but had a bit too much width in the tip and tail for me.” – Pierce

“Can feel really aggressive at first, but once you get dialed in it’s easy to ride.” – Cody


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