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BYERLY FELIX 54” (Alliance Approved)

Length: 137cm

Width: 17.3”

Rocker: 2.6” continuous

MSRP: $500

Byerly Felix_Results


What the pro says:

“Brenton and I had been talking with Butch about park shapes a lot over the last couple years, and riding different shapes and flex patterns he had been shaping for us. To me, the Felix is pretty progressive due to the rounded nose and tail. It releases really well off the water and makes landings when you’re not completely T’d up really forgiving. The belly is a bit stiffer, with a real nice flex in the tips. The jib base is a perfect speed on rails, and doesn’t feel slow on the water. Like all Byerly boards, the Felix is extremely durable. Get out and take it for a rip!” – Aaron Rathy

Tester Comments:

“Slides really well on rails and the flex is great, but the landings aren’t the softest in the group.” – Gunner

“Very easy to ride (on boat), very playful with good pop.” – Gunner

“One of the most versatile boards in the test this year, great all around in the park and behind the boat.” Pierce
ByerlyBuck_top ByerlyBuck_bottom


Length: 141cm

Width: 17.7”

Rocker: 2.7” continuous

MSRP: $330

Byerly Buck_Results

What the pro says:

“The Buck is very easy to jump on and start riding right away. Being a taller/bigger rider I really like the increased surface area of this board. It has a solid, sharp pop and the landings are very stable. Despite being a bit wider and longer, Butch constructed it so it’s still really light, which is a great combination. It’s a great board for beginners all the way up to advanced riders.” – Kyle Rattray

Tester Comments:

“Smooth is the best way I can describe this board. Perfect speed and good pop.” – Marc

“The Buck rides how you make it ride. Very adaptable and well rounded.” – Pierce

“Forgiving but playful.” – Gunner

“The simplicity of the shape makes this board fun, fast, and forgiving.” – Cody



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