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2014 Obscura Format 40.5
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  • 2014 Obscura Format 40.5
  • 2014 Obscura Format 40.5



Progressive 3 Stage Rocker

Single concave

Updated Asymmetrical Outline for 2014

Wood Construction

Variable Rail Edge

1.125 OBSCURA Fin

Gripped Deck


The OBSCURA team has grown up riding our wood concave skate, the Impulse, and this year they decided it was time to move on. There is the old saying that “all good things must come to an end” but at LF/OBSCURA, we don’t really believe in that. We believe that “all good things must get better!” The FORMAT is just that… the better version of our crew’s trusty Impulse. Nothing matches the lively feel a rider gets when skating on a wood deck and the FORMAT’s new Asymmetrical Outline, deeper deck concave, and steeper Progressive 3 Stage Rocker make it leap off the water with ease! If you’ve ridden a wood concave in the past, you know the feeling that only wood can provide and you’ll also understand why everyone on team OBSCURA has a FORMAT in their quiver… as should you!
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