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2013 O'Brien Bruce
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132cm 137cm 142cm
Rocker - 2.3" 5-stage


Creating a board that meets the needs of Jeff Langley’s style was not easy. Not only does he do all the tech tricks with style; he also takes his tricks impossibly big as well. After a year’s worth of prototypes and countless hours of hard work and inspiration we give you The Bruce. Built off our Fusion core and bombproof sandwich construction, we developed an explosive 5-stage rocker line that is fast and poppy behind the boat. Dura Rail edges and Impact base make this board at home on the cable park as well. A full rail through the midsection of the board lets the board sit high on the water for ultra clean release as well as providing added buoyancy when riding at slower boat speeds. Fins at each end keep the tail loose, providing the perfect balance of control and freedom. The board has very little flex through the center, providing maximum pop when riding a balanced approach to the wake but has flexible tips for load-andrelease snap with a tail-heavy approach. A double concave midsection and Delta Base exiting the tips keeps the board landing soft and riding clean.
The Bruce 5-Stage Rocker – If 3-stage rocker and Progressive rocker had kids, you’d get O’Brien’s new 5-stage rocker. Defined by a flatter rocker profile through the midsection of the board – 5-stage is fast on the water with glide. The tips are turned up twice as you reach the ends of the board, giving the board a more explosive kick off the wake. The result is a board that rides fast and hits hard at the wake, but in a predictable fashion.
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