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2010 Byerly Blend
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  • 2010 Byerly Blend


Length: 41”
Width: 16”
Rocker: 2.1” 3-stage
Weight: N/A


A blend of compression molding and wood core technology truly defines Scott’s new Wakeskate. Durability was a key factor in the design of the Blend. The top deck is constructed of a sealed wood E-core deck. This means all the feel and snap of a wood deck, sealed off from the elements with glass and a full ABS side wall, no more cracking, warping, or softening over time. The top deck is attached to a compression molded base that has all the features Scott was looking for. Molded channels tip and tail allow for a responsive edge into the wake, and the 3-stage rocker gives plenty of pop once your there. The base deck is finished off with a soft bevel so you don’t get hung up on surface tricks.
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