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2014 Ronix Pulse Capella CGA
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  • 2014 Ronix Pulse Capella CGA
  • 2014 Ronix Pulse Capella CGA



A stealth all new black version of our other exclusive tailor fit Capella jacket.

- Circular construction

- 2 buckles, 1 zip closure
- Coast Guard Approved
- Smooth Skin/Neoprene Shell
- Available in: S - XXL

small - - - - - - - - - - - - - 31-34”(79-86CM)
medium - - - - - - - - - - - 34-37”(86-94CM)
large - - - - - - - - - - - - 37-40”(94-102CM)
x-large - - - - - - - - - 40-43”(102-109CM)
xx-large - - - - - - - - 43-46”(109-117CM)


Back in the day they figured out the Earth isn’t flat - why did it take this long to realize your vest shouldn’t be either? The only vest of its kind with a round cylinder function giving extra rib protection and a seam running diagonally across your back, allows movement that was only previously reached by tree inhabiting primates. One day we sat down wondering how a t-shirt is made since in most cases there is never a seam, because of that you have a true formed fit wrapping all the way around your body. Yet vests always have a cut line going down the rib cage. An easier way to make a vest for sure, but a rider doesn't have the same side impact, or the best ergonomically correct fit around your torso. Contoured to your body, flexing with a rider during an aerial assault without any hindrance. Freedom of mobility that was once only harvested from the greatness of those non buoyant impact jackets. Why is it called the Capella vest you ask? Way back when, everybody was saying if you sail in one direction for too long you will fall off the face of the Earth, but Capella and his homies knew otherwise. Smart cats, and we are trying to pick up where they left off with our latest design of water suspension attire that is meant to be constructed with a round curvature and a truly form fit. So don’t ride in this oversized armhole vest for us. Do it for Capella - a man with a vision of greener pastures that are forced down by the gravitational pull of mother nature allowing us all to live in this curved ball. We even spit shined this distinctly different fitting buoyant garment with a sexy graphic tying up the rest of the One and Parks Collections, along with our new all black Pulse vest. Changing the way you think about legalized flotation. Trust us, you need to try it on.
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