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2014 Ronix Boomstick
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  • 2014 Ronix Boomstick
  • 2014 Ronix Boomstick



- Concave – starts in the center of the board and then tapers to the ends for a more controllable flip
- Hybrid Rocker – isn’t too explosive, or inconsistent off the wake, instead you’ll get more Glide Speed from this arc
- Compression Molding – the most durable wood skate out there
- Sintered Base - rail approved
- ABS sidewall - reducing the chances of delams and side impacts - can’t do Krypto Cable - just trust us
- The poppiest wood we have ever tested
- 2 - .8” wakeskate fi ns
- Reed Hansen designed and endorsed


“This is my Boomstick” (movie quote - kind of weird to reference quotes after ending in quotes isn’t it?), created by the 6 time WWA World Champion, ex Alliance Rider of The Year - Reed Hansen. Let’s go into story time mode – several dusks and dawns ago Reed and our skate team (responsible for the original compression molded wakeskate) sourced some lively materials to throw in a 14 lb. stockier skate, offering more board control on the water and leaving it. The heavyweight guardian bi-level Boomstick is comprised of a solid, snappy, skatey, eco-friendly, super saucy wood with a smooth concave, making it easier to always land on the bolts. A bi-level shape creates a more consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional single level skate, yet still has the stability for somebody just taking the drop. Having a top deck separated from the water line means that if a skater is off axis they will have a greater chance of recovery with the 2 decks working independent of one another. Our most advanced technology, ridden by arguably our sports greatest skater - yet still has the swing weight and balance points that work for first timers. Comes with our exclusive durable Sintered Base and 2 wider profiled Skate Fins. “S marks top of the line.”
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