Behind The Lens:
Garrett Cortese

Words by Jeff McKee

Name: Garrett Cortese
Age: 30
Hometown: Burlingame, California

Alliance: What has been the most unique trip you’ve taken to shoot wakeboarding?
Garrett Cortese: There are two that really stand out for me, both were for filming parts of the Parks Documentary. The first was to Tahiti where Parks and Danny were getting towed into Teahupoo. Tahiti is basically paradise and Teahupoo, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing natural wonders on the planet. That wave is nuts, and I didn’t even get to experience it on a big day. The energy on that trip was all time and watching Danny and Parks get towed in is something I’ll never forget.

The second trip was to Newfoundland with Parks, Adam Errington and Josh Sanders where the goal was to ride next to and jib icebergs. That part of the world is also gorgeous and the icebergs are unbelievable. We ended up being able to hit two of them, one of which was smaller and had more good angles for the riders to hit,