Wes locking in on the next clip. Photo: Sina

“The Coalition The Movie The Third” is finally here and we all know you hooligans are probably creaming your pants with excitement. Well look out world, these goons have done it again with a trilogy of The Coalition Movie series that will feed the mind exactly what it needs… Face Melting Bangers! As a leader of the Space Mob movement, the man behind the lens, the computer and on the board we had to get the real line. We jumped right in with Wesley to get an inside look into this movie and how it came to be. Here are 5 questions with Wes. 

Crosse Bearden with a cheeky tail grab.


Alliance: Who are the riders in this film and how did you decide to work with them? 

Wes: Wesley Jacobsen (myself), Crosse Bearden, Sina Fuchs, Jesse Jarrett, Coti Scaglia, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, and Dary Znebel.

I didn’t necessarily choose these riders to be a part of the film. As time goes on the Space Mob crew is always evolving. Whoever receives a full part in one of our projects is always someone that deserves it. Someone who puts in the work, helps on missions, holds a camera, runs the winch, and also has enough clips to support his/her full part. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I don’t have a bias for who gets a full part. If you stack the clips and my timeline exceeds 3 minutes of raw clips, you get the part.(I refuse to make a full part that is under 2 mins, I don’t think that is a real full part). If the timeline doesn’t make the cut, I hope there’s no hard feelings but you’re going in the “Friends” section. Which to me isn’t much of a downgrade because that section always turns out hype AF so I hope anyone would be stoked to be a part of it! 


Alliance: What is your favorite section?

Wes:  My favorite section is probably Dary Znebel’s. He is the fucking goat and he is such a sweetheart I love him. He is always so appreciative of the work that I put in behind the scenes and in front of the computer. He also picked the song for his section and it happened to be one of my all-time favorite songs, so that was cool and super fun to edit to. 

That being said I’m so hyped on everyone’s section including my own and it was such a pleasure to edit everyone’s clips. Thanks for believing in me!

Jesse Jarrett putting in the work with the Mob.


Alliance: What makes or breaks a good winch mission?

Wes: Makes – Good crew, good winch (E-Winch), no cops or pissed off civilians, good weather, not too fucking hot, snacks, beer, weed (I don’t smoke but people do, get over it), bringing all necessary tools, wax, ability to walk the winch line back, easy place to boot up and start, photographer, competent filmers and winch drivers. Maybe missing a few but if you have all that, it’s gonna be a good fucking day in the streets. Oh, and no one gets hurt, that always kills the vibe. 

But the chances of all that is pretty fucking slim at a winch spot so you just gotta work with what you got. Quit bitching and go get that clip! 

Breaks – just read the makes and pretend you don’t have any of that shit. Cops suck in America. Be super respectful, cup the balls and you should be ok.  


Alliance: Why no cable riding this time?

Wes: There is no cable riding because winching is KING and it has always been a dream to create an all winch movie. That’s why it took 3 years! LOL. But we did it and I’m fucking hyped! Just don’t ask me what’s next. LOL, not really though I got some big plans already in the works to make another movie in 2022.

Trav is the man on a mission


Alliance: What was the goal with this movie and do you feel like you accomplished that?

Wes: The goal was to make a raw street style wakeboarding movie. And yes I think we accomplished it, very fucking well actually. I’m honestly so proud of this movie and all the hard work that everyone put into it. And the responses from certain people is all the verification I’ll ever need. We did it, Space Mob or Fucking DIE!