“The Golden Time” Photo: Tsode

Anna Nikstad has become a staple name in the wake scene the last few years. She has dominated contests but also has a style that restores faith in women’s wakeboarding. She is a role model for the up and coming girls, giving them an example of what a proper rail rider is supposed to look like. Once you reach a certain level of status or notoriety in this industry you have the opportunity to pick up some big name sponsors like Red Bull. Red Bull signing Anna seems like a no brainer to us but it is also surprising to us that it took them this long to snatch her up. We dive a little deeper into how this happened and what we have to look forward to now that she is riding next to the top tier athletes in our sport.

“The ol’ Clear Lake flat bar” Photo: Tsode

Alliance: Well the big news has been dropped. What does it feel like to now be supported by Red bull, one of the biggest entities in the action sports industry? 

Anna: It’s an absolute honor, to say the least. I’m feeling both lucky and thankful to be given this opportunity to work with such a powerhouse of a company.

Alliance: To most people, once you are under the Red Bull hat, it puts you in some sort of elite category. We all know that getting on the Red Bull US team is the most competitive, is there a sense of pressure now to live up to?

Anna: I definitely feel a new stoke in my fire. However, I’ve come all this way by working hard and staying true to myself. So now, I’m gonna work my ass off even more and continue doing me 🙂

“Patiently waiting for opportunity” Photo: Graydon

Alliance: How are you dealing with recovering from that injury you acquired in the Red Bull Wake The City? Were you surprised to pick up a huge sponsor while being on the road to recovery or has this conversation been in the works for awhile? 

Anna: My recovery is coming along well ahead of schedule. I’ve been working hard to make it back asap. I go to a personal trainer every week day and then follow up with an hour swim. Swimming has been a major help.

Red Bull and I have been getting acquainted for about a year but for the most part I was in the dark focusing on what was in front of me – until I got a phone call with the news a couple weeks back.

“Butter for them Biscuits?” Photo: Graydon

Alliance: Being the second woman to ride for the US Red Bull Wake program alongside Meagan Ethell, can we expect to see a big push in the right direction for the women’s side of the sport next season?  

Anna: Hell yeah, you better hold on tight! But I know I’m not alone in this push, there are so many girls out there now motivated more than ever and I love being part of the progression.

“In the cut” Photo: Tsode


Alliance: With all this excitement you have to be extra motivated going into the 2022 season. Can we expect a big video project on top of some big podium finishes?

Anna: Well, I’m gonna work hard and only offer my best. I like competing and I have some video projects in mind. Y’all will have to wait and see 😉