In a year filled with uncertainty, social distancing, and trade restrictions it can be hard to believe that your favorite wakesurf brands would be able to push through fresh looks on their tried and true designs or even one up themselves by creating never before seen shapes. Luckily for you and our group of board reviewers, these companies supplied us with not only new renditions of staple boards but also recently developed, new one of a kind designs.  

With so many new boards hitting the streets it’s certainly not an easy task to pick the right one. Unlike wakeboards, a wakesurfer’s shape dramatically shifts the riding style of the board making it arguably more important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Simply put, riding a longboard style single fin cruise sled is certainly not the right match if your intention is to chase the next hot instagram shuv maneuver. With various styles of surfers to cover we enlisted the help of a few reviewers to ride their preferred style. Colton Cardwell, Cole Vanthof and Jeff Langley all set out to review their favorite style of board; Colton focused on skim style while Cole and Jeff picked up the surf style rides. 
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