Speed: 7

Pop: 8

Slash: 9

Stays in Wave: 8

While the Debut V2 is a good offering from Victoria to get you going on your wakesurf journey, the Agent is the next step in your progression. The Agent is a more competitive shape built for dialing in tricks. This board is built to carve with the best of them while at the same time offering a consistent pop for working on your next new move or even squaring away your next competition line. This surfer features a blunt nose for less swing weight, as well as less volume at the tail along with wings that offer a little more stability and feel through your feet. This combination of features makes this a great board to land your first shuv or even stomp tricks at the highest competitive levels of skim style wake surfing. 

BUY HERE https://bit.ly/3bwVvJu