Mothership | Slingshot – 5’6

Speed: 9 

Pop: 4

Slash: 7

Stays in Wave: 9

The 2021 Mothership from Slingshot at first glance looks somewhat similar to the Boss Hoss despite being much narrower. This narrow profile keeps the board fast and easy to stay in the wake but still lets you slash at the wake with precision and confidence. With this board’s step down channels through the tail as well as its fast rocker lines, this surfer is plenty fast allowing it to perform on any size wake. This is a great ride for the surfer looking for flowy sets on the wave while still being able to carve and slash with confidence.



Boss Hoss | Slingshot – 5’6 


Pop: 2

Slash: 3 

Stays in Wave: 9

For 2021 Slingshot dropped a new surfer shape called the Boss Hoss, and if the name didn’t give it away, this board is LARGE. The Boss Hoss is 26 inches in width making it the widest wake surfer on the market. What this means is that the Boss Hoss may not be the most nimble for slashing or popping huge airs off the wake, but it does make it perfect for cruising with style behind the boat. This board is an awesome choice for any skill level, any size rider, and any size wake especially when you are chasing those relaxing sets on the lake. If enjoying a day on the water, relaxing and having fun is your goal, the Boss Hoss is the secret sauce.