Bearden: 152

  • Tracking: 8
  • Ollie: 8
  • Landing: 6 
  • Base: 9
  • Flex: 10


When talking about some of the most technical park riders in the world, Welsey Crosse Bearden is a name that should make everyone’s list. That being said it’s no surprise that for 2021 Slingshot has added the 152 Bearden to their lineup. The Bearden 152 is a flex machine for the rail riding park rat, designed to be pressed and buttered all over the cable. This board scores a little low in landing but it still makes a perfect addition to the slingshot line up as a fun, flexy board for the true rail rider. Buying this board may not make you the best lawn mower in Georgia but it will sure make you have a good time trying whichever insanely difficult trick Crosse posted on Instagram before you went out to ride.


Space Tomb:  160

  • Tracking: 8
  • Ollie: 6
  • Landing: 8.5
  • Base: 9
  • Flex: 8.5


For 2021 Slingshot and Space Mob have brought back their one of a kind directional board with an all new shape. Contrary to last year, the Space Tomb features a symmetrical design from edge to edge, while still keeping their unique directional style from tip to tail. Space Mob is known for setting the new normal and innovating the sport while having a good time doing it and this board is a showcase of just that. This directional board is sure to bring smiles to any day at the cable – or if you’re Dylan Miller, even on the boat.


Salmon: 155

  • Tracking: 8.5
  • Ollie: 9
  • Landing: 6.5
  • Base: 9
  • Flex: 6.5

If you have paid attention to cable wakeboarding the last few years you have definitely found yourself head-scratching at a clip from Victor Salmon. Whether it be a display of extremely technical yet aggressive riding or a kickflip on a wakeboard, Victor has found a way to catch everyone’s eye and his board for 2021 has done the very same. Victor Salmon has helped redesign the popular hybrid Slingshot Nomad, giving it a more cable specific ride. The channels from the Nomad have been removed and the shape has been given a bit more flex for Victor’s first pro-model. This board was developed by Slingshot in partnership with Victor, and if this board can hold up through Victor’s hijinks and generally aggressive riding style, we have it on good authority it can hold up to your riding as well.