2021 Liquid Force – RDX

  • Tracking: 7 
  • Speed : 6
  • Pop: 8 
  • Landing: 7 
  • Swing Weight: 6

Whenever Raph Derome isn’t building some of the gnarliest cable setups ever ridden, he’s out on the boat getting after it and doing so with style. The Liquid Force RDX embodies that style with a minimalist graphic that may not immediately be eye catching but is sure to be timelessly rad. Raph sure knows how to send and his board provides the pop to make it happen. In our review we found that the consistent pop made this board a great ride for keeping things controlled even when going big. The board also offers molded fins on all four corners making it track very well but still able to break a bit loose when you want it to. The solid tracking and consistent pop make this board a perfect option for beginner/intermediate riders to keep things controlled while chasing the newest trick in their set.


2021 Liquid Force – Rhyme 

  • Tracking: 4     
  • Speed: 10     
  • Pop: 7        
  • Landing: 8      
  • Swing Weight: 7 


It’s hard to say much about Guenther Oka that hasn’t already been said but to put it simply, Guenther is one of a kind on a wakeboard. From gnarly winch riding, to DIY rails, to cable cruising, to PWT competitions against the best boat riders in the world and just about everything in between, there is truly nothing Guenther can’t hold his own at. All that being said Guenther’s unique display of technical riding paired with his pronounced style has translated into the one of a kind boat shape that is the Liquid Force Rhyme. Don’t let the score 4/10 for tracking fool you. This board may be a bit loose but that’s what makes it fun. In order to get those signature pre-edit slashes like Guenther you gotta’ have some give and take. The take may be found in the tracking but it’s made up in the speed department as being an extremely fast and playful board. This kind of unique shape and loose feeling makes it a canvas for creativity. When it comes to smiles per mile the Rhyme is the go-to board.