Fly Pad 4′ | Lib Tech

When it comes to shaking up the norm, there are few brands that do it better than Lib Tech. Their new board, the “Fly Pad” is an example of just that. The Lib Tech Fly Pad at first glance may seem a bit small for our 6’2” filmer, Cole Vanthof, but that’s by design. This board was inspired by skateboarding and surfing with the mantra of “unrestricted” in mind. That being said this surfer’s smaller design helps it slash and pop with precision. With the board being lightweight and relatively small it begs for an aggressive riding style to truly make the most of it. Although this board rode a little bit slow for Cole, it still created a uniquely and worthwhile riding experience. This board is a great choice for a rider looking to mix things up, the Fly Pad rides very different from other boards but in a refreshing way that is sure to bring smiles to the wake. If that isn’t enough (similar to the hydro snapper) this board is manufactured through Lib Tech’s Eco Impact process which is used to not only create durable surf boards but it is also a more environmentally friendly way of creating boards, making the Fly Pad a good choice for not only having a good time but also helping the environment too.

  • Speed: 5
  • Pop: 8
  • Slash:8 
  • Stays in Wave: 5


Hydro Snapper 4’5″ | Lib Tech

Lib Tech is entering 202 with a new shape and new construction that helps make the planet a little healthier this summer. The Lib Teach Hydro Snapper is made via a thermo fusion process in order to minimize sanding and reduce the resin used to create a board that is not only durable but eco friendly. If that doesn’t have you sold then rest assured that not only will you be helping the environment but you will also be ripping a solid new board. The Hydro Snapper’s fanged pin tail shape makes this board stay in the wake without any effort so your focus can be on your next move off the wake. Whether you’re looking to help the environment, buy a skim style surfer ready that performs at the highest lever or a little bit of both, the Hydro Snapper is the board for you.     

  • Speed: 9
  • Pop: 8
  • Slash: 9
  • Stays in Wave: 10



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