Dylan Ayala | Jet Pilot – 4’4

Speed: 7

Pop: 8

Slash: 6

Stays in Wave: 7

Dylan Ayala knows how to get some pop off the wake, so this board was designed with that in mind. Jet Pilot features this surfer with a stubby outline profile to help it slash better, but most of all to pop higher. The board also provides a single to double concave hull design, with the double concave between the fins and out the tail of the board in order to keep things fast and playful while still being able to carve with confidence. In our test Jeff Langley had no problem popping big airs on this board while making it look good at the same time. This surfer was designed with “high performance” in mind so it goes without saying that this is a board that delivers everything needed to ride at a competitive level. This is the go to board for someone looking to get a solid pop every time while still having a solid overall ride.   

BUY HERE http://bit.ly/3v8C5SF